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Colorado Flood 2013

Colorado’s Worst Flooding in Decades It’s 2 am on an average September Morning, you’re tucked tightly under your covers, and the cat is at the foot of the bed. You wake to a strange sound, “is that a voice? What is that noise?” Then, your heart sinks and you realize it’s a siren alerting your …

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Illinois Tornado 2013

TEAM UPDATE: REACHING OUT AND CLEANING UP The team had a great start to the final day here in Illinois where they were able to help the power company clean up some old power poles by cutting them up for removal; they also continued to work with the couple that had a lot of tree …

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Philippines Typhoon 2013

ROWW TEAM MEMBER DAVID ON HAIYAN MEDICAL RELIEF MISSION Our team gathered at LAX on the morning of November 19th. In typical ROWW fashion this was the first time several team members had met. Our journey to the small town of Tabontabon, on the Typhoon ravaged island of Leyte, consisted of 18 hours in the …

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Arkansas Tornado 2014

The sun was shining, but there was a whirlwind inside our California office. Tarps and tools were strewn across the floor; medical supplies and MREs were pouring out of boxes; the phone was ringing off the hook. The first major tornado outbreak of 2014 was tearing through Arkansas, and Team ROWW was preparing to deploy. …

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Texas Tornado / Flood 2015

June 2015, after severe storms flooded parts of Texas, Reach Out WorldWide deployed to help. A team of specialists deployed to cities that were not getting the assistance they needed. The team was able to offer help in clean up and removing damaged trees so the areas affected could begin to rebuild.

Philippines Followup 2014

ROWW Returns to the Philippines in 2014 Deployed a team of medical professionals to provide medical aid to the indigent people of various regions of the Philippines. The deployment focused on areas still recovering from Typhoon Yolanda. Treatment and vaccination clinics throughout various barangays in Leyte including: Palo, TaboneTabone, Baybay and Ciabu Additional treatment centers …

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Fiji Cyclone 2016

Fiji: 266 hours, 600+ treated In February, Team ROWW deployed to Fiji in response to Cyclone Winston, the second strongest storm to ever make landfall (second only to Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines). An estimated 347,000 people were directly impacted by the storm. So many people lost literally everything – their home, school, community …

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Louisiana Floods 2016

Louisiana #1: 532 hours, 7 homes assisted In mid-March, over two feet of rain fell in Louisiana and other areas of the South, closing roads, flooding homes, and causing over 5,000 people to evacuate. Over 12,000 homes were damaged where rivers reached all-time record highs. Within days of the disaster, ROWW deployed a team to …

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Haiti Hurricane 2016

Haiti: 221 hours, 300+ patients Hurricane Matthew took a catastrophic toll on an already impoverished and vulnerable Haiti in early October. The National Hurricane Center estimated landfalling winds of 145 mph, making Matthew a Category 4 – the strongest storm to hit the nation since 1964 and the third strongest Haitian landfall on record. About …

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Georgia Tornado 2017

On the weekend of January 21st, a violent system of over 29 confirmed tornadoes touched down from Mississippi to the Florida Panhandle including parts of Alabama and Georgia. The storms left over 20 dead, many more injured, and hundreds homeless. Officials in Albany, Georgia described the damage looking as if a nuclear bomb had gone …

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