Texas Fires

Last month, the Smokehouse Creek wildfire burned over 1 million acres, making this the largest wildfire in Texas history. Over 7,000 cows and countless miles of fence were destroyed in these fires, landing a huge blow to the heartland of America’s ranchers. Livelihoods have been shattered, and communities torn apart as homes and businesses succumbed to the inferno.‌

Tens of thousands of livestock that survived had to be moved to leased land and are unable to return because of the burned fences. As these temporary leases are expiring and becoming unsustainably expensive, these ranchers need help to get their fences rebuilt and their livestock returned.‌

How ROWW Is Deploying:

Reach Out WorldWide is partnering with Lee Wells Official to build several miles of fence in the Texas Panhandle this month in an effort to return displaced livestock.


Email responders@roww.org with availability

To learn more about getting involved and make a donation towards this active deployment visit THIS LINK.