To apply to volunteer, email responders@roww.org and ask for our volunteer application.

Reach Out WorldWide is constantly looking for great new volunteers to add to Team ROWW. We recruit all sorts of volunteers, from day volunteers for local events to specialized personnel to lead our teams responding to natural disasters.

We are primarily recruiting chainsaw operators, doctors, nurses, EMTs, paramedics, firefighters, contractors/construction workers, and heavy equipment operators.

Some experience with disaster relief, EMS, military and/or construction is preferred depending on the type of deployment.

Alabama Tornado

If you do not have any relevant experience, that's ok, too! When we travel, we are always looking to recruit local volunteers. You never know when a disaster may strike near you.


“On behalf of our community I would like to express our thanks to ROWW and Lowes for the generous donation of hand sanitizer. We have passed out 2880 bottles of sanitizer to many community partners as well as the general public. Your organizations identified a need within our community and have helped to fill it. Your organization obviously has great leadership and vision, with goals to match. Keep up the great work.”

North Bend Oregon Fire Chief

"I have no words sufficient enough to thank the disaster response team from Reach Out WorldWide. Day 3 and they have almost finished building safe areas for the Roos near the house and in the paddocks. This amazing team has respected every request and have just been incredible. Their incredible work here will contribute greatly to the welfare of the wildlife here long term. Thank you so much”  

Wild2Free Animal Sanctuary

“I am so blessed to have been given the opportunities I have to reach people around the world with a helping hand. I became a firefighter for that reason. I have no taste for politics or bureaucracy. It isn’t in my blood. Being real and taking action is. I see terrible things happen and I sit back and wonder, “What can I do?” But when I can get together with other positive, hardworking, compassionate human beings...the possibilities are endless. Thank you to ROWW and to those who support the organization, for continuing to provide a way for our lights to shine on all those who may find themselves in darkness. - All I am, I owe. ”

ROWW Volunteer