To apply to volunteer, email and ask for our volunteer application.

Reach Out WorldWide is constantly looking for great new volunteers to add to Team ROWW. We recruit all sorts of volunteers, from day volunteers for local events to specialized personnel to lead our teams responding to natural disasters.

We are primarily recruiting chainsaw operators, doctors, nurses, EMTs, paramedics, firefighters, contractors/construction workers, and heavy equipment operators.

Some experience with disaster relief, EMS, military and/or construction is preferred depending on the type of deployment.

Alabama Tornado

If you do not have any relevant experience, that's ok, too! When we travel, we are always looking to recruit local volunteers. You never know when a disaster may strike near you.


“On behalf of our community I would like to express our thanks to ROWW and Lowes for the generous donation of hand sanitizer. We have passed out 2880 bottles of sanitizer to many community partners as well as the general public. Your organizations identified a need within our community and have helped to fill it. Your organization obviously has great leadership and vision, with goals to match. Keep up the great work.”

North Bend Oregon Fire Chief

"I have no words sufficient enough to thank the disaster response team from Reach Out WorldWide. Day 3 and they have almost finished building safe areas for the Roos near the house and in the paddocks. This amazing team has respected every request and have just been incredible. Their incredible work here will contribute greatly to the welfare of the wildlife here long term. Thank you so much”  

Wild2Free Animal Sanctuary

“I am so blessed to have been given the opportunities I have to reach people around the world with a helping hand. I became a firefighter for that reason. I have no taste for politics or bureaucracy. It isn’t in my blood. Being real and taking action is. I see terrible things happen and I sit back and wonder, “What can I do?” But when I can get together with other positive, hardworking, compassionate human beings...the possibilities are endless. Thank you to ROWW and to those who support the organization, for continuing to provide a way for our lights to shine on all those who may find themselves in darkness. - All I am, I owe. ”

ROWW Volunteer

“Our neighborhood was hit by a tornado on 3/19/18. We had several large trees precariously close to coming down on the house. Because of the terrain, no one was interested in helping us. [ROWW] and team (all angels!) showed up this morning and simply asked if they could help. WOW did they ever. They fell the trees exactly where they said they would, helped clean up the mess, where gracious, friendly and compassionate. We cannot say thanks enough to his group. What a great bunch of folks! Thank you and may God Bless you and your efforts while in Alabama.”

DANIEL, Alabama Homeowner
Alabama Tornado 2018

"It made an impact on us. What seemed like a daunting task that was never going to get done seemed easy to complete... 5 days of work in 2 days... thank you very much."

JOE, Florida Resident and Firefighter
Hurricane Michael 2018

"I wanted to thank you again, personally, and for all the families you helped. Some are too busy surviving to realize how much planning and work goes into something like this. They are exhausted and weary and many are not coping well. 

One mother and two small children with nowhere to go returned to their burned out property and pitched a tent. No car, off grid, no technology. Their tent was quickly destroyed. She pulled out the only dry clothes she had, put 3 pallets together to keep them out of the water, and slept under a tarp for 3 weeks until someone checked on them. There are many of these stories. And you have made a huge difference for some of them. 

[Your Team] has shown wisdom and grace under pressure and I applaud you for that. As a survivor, seeing ROWW here gives me hope that there is still help out there. You never know if you were the difference between life and death, but these people do. Keep up the good work."

JULIE JONES, Paradise Fire Victim
Longoria Family, Beaumont Texas


"All of the work you've done today would have taken me weeks to do. You got my command vehicle running, you got our beach rescue running, you got our ambulance running, you've patched my roof, you helped to set up a water system, I mean the list just goes on and on. It's amazing what Reach Out WorldWide's done for our community. Each day is an evolving situation. Like today - we didn't know we were going to get an RO (water) plant, and it just arrived. And ROWW was right there to jump in and get it going. We didn't know we'd get mobility, and then here comes ROWW. It's overwhelming, the support you've given us. On behalf of the department and from everyone here on Abaco, we want to sincerely, warmly thank you, god bless you for all you've done, and all you're doing on the ground."

Northern District of Abaco, The Bahamas


"I like that we made a difference. I like getting to know the people I work with. I like hearing the backstory of people we help."

Arkansas Flood Volunteer, 2017

"Merit and Reach Out WorldWide have been incredible to work with. Merit came and met with us and immediately took action, working with Lowe's to get us the tools and supplies that were critical to continuing our project. Merit kept in touch and came back around a month later and helped us get more supplies and brought an incredible team of volunteers. Reach Out Worldwide provided an incredible amount of help and has asked for nothing in return. We are truly thankful for Merit and Reach Out WorldWide"

Marc Brooks
Cascade Relief Team, Otis, Oregon
Deployment: West Coast Wildfires 2020

"ROWW reached out to me to help me clean up. I got chased out of here pretty quickly the night of the fires... got out of here safely and glad to be alive. I had at least a 20min heads up, maybe close to an hour of knowing the fires were going to roll through. It's really going to help me out having ROWW here helping me clean up and get myself back on my feet faster and getting to rebuilding quicker this way. I'm really grateful for that."

Blue River resident

"Kind of like Paul Walker’s famous quote, it’s amazing when lots of good people come together and help each other out, you can get a lot done and leave a lasting impact on people’s lives that they will pass on. It's great that the homeowners were there too and you can see that impact and it just feeds you to keep doing good in life."

First-time ROWW Volunteer

Aloha ROWW Team,

I wanted to tell you how much your team of arborists helped Maui this past week. Robert, Jen and Hap did so much in such a short time. We really enjoyed their energy and outlook on these situations. A few lives have been made easier because of your team. It goes a long way on these tiny islands. Stay safe and keep up the awesome work.

ALOHA,Duane Sparkman. Founder of Treecovery