Georgia Tornadoes 2021

On Friday, March 26th we partnered with Siren’s Project, enlisted the help of volunteers and flew to the Southeastern United States to respond and help people affected by the recent tornadoes. During the storm there were over 45 tornadoes recorded in the region. Our team consisted of 4 Flex personnel: arborist, sawyers, type II faller and 4 heavy machine operators. We arrived in Newnan, Georgia and got right to work! In small teams we assessed dangerous trees and impeding debris and removed them to allow safe access to the homes. The skid steer removed debris, logs, and brush & transported them to the edge of the county road for pick up. After the lots were cleared of all trees, debris, and brush, a volunteer group picked up the rest of the debris by hand rendering the property ready for utilities to be installed and begin the rebuilding process.  Homeowners can save $15-40k in costs associated with clearing a lot from our volunteers doing the work and can move back onto their property to safely proceed with rebuilding their homes. Over the 4 days we were onsite we fell over 40 trees and cleared 12 properties!

While we were retrieving our supply trailer in Nashville, TN we received weather alerts and learned of a torrential spring rain storm headed for the area. Once we completed the Georgia Tornado deployment our team went home to re-up supplies and were back on planes and headed to help residents who were affected by the flooding in Tennessee (see next deployment for details).