Hurricane Dorian: The Bahamas 2019

Reach Out WorldWide was among the first non-profits to reach the outskirts of Grand Bahama,  distributing food, water, and essential supplies to residents that had been cut off completely. Being the only non-profit to have entered these areas, we were able to collect and relay intel. We located small populations that had not received any aid and had no communication and were able to get messages home to their loved ones. We were able to educate them on the importance of “muck and gut” prior to the mold setting in and the process of how to do so. We deployed 17 water filtration units, 3 300-gallon water tanks full of potable water, gas for generators, solar lights, 750 MREs, hygiene and cleaning products, tarps, survival equipment, chainsaws, propane, and more. Our team then traveled to the nearby island of Abaco where we worked with the Fire Chief of Treasure Cay to restore operation to his response vehicles – we got his 4-wheeler, F350, fire engine, and ambulance back up and running thanks to our very resourceful and mechanically-inclined volunteers!