Tropical Storm Claudette

On June 23, 2021 Reach Out WorldWide deployed to Brewton, Alabama in response to tornado damage from Tropical Storm Claudette. The storm coupled with an EF-2 tornado caused injuries to residents and severe damage to homes and businesses. Our team was the first to respond and lend aid to those in need. When we arrived we met with the sheriff to create a job list. We completed over 16 jobs total and finished the deployment on July 2nd.

The deployment consisted of chainsaw work and debris removal.  Our first stop was visiting our partners at Lowe’s to restock our supply trailer. Once in Brewton we cleared roads and driveways to increase access in and out. For the next 6 days we went door to door helping the community recover.

For larger debris removal we rented a skid steer and made quick progress of an otherwise lengthy process. Access to that heavy equipment helped us complete so many properties.

Each home we serviced saved the owners up to $15,000 USD.

Heavy winds, rain and other moving debris and damage or compromise a tree’s integrity. Left unserviced trees can cause damage, injury or even death. Our skilled arborists and sawyers  fell over 24 trees that were in either immediate or potential-future damage.

Team ROWW responds quickly and efficiently by recruiting ready and able skilled volunteers. If you would like to apply to volunteer please visit for more details. Are you unskilled in the medical or construction fields? That’s OK too! We can always use a helping hand, or 10! Apply today and when we’re ready to deploy you’ll see an email from us asking for volunteers to join us!