Over the past two months, ROWW has been focused on manufacturing and distributing sanitation spray and sanitation gels. These essential supplies have proven difficult to find or even non-existent in some areas yet are crucial to our everyday safety as we fight this unprecedented virus. Our team has firsthand knowledge and experience in making medical grade sanitizing spray. Following approved WHO specifications, we are quickly and efficiently producing sanitizer that is far exceeding the minimum level of effectiveness to kill viruses such as COVID-19.

We’re proud to announce that our COVID -19 initiative has distributed over 10,300 bottles of sanitizer and counting – a value of over $100,000! And we’re not done yet. As our country begins to open up and social interaction increases, ROWW is committed to helping keep our communities safe.

Our primary focus initially was to supply local health care providers and first responders, grocery stores and other essential businesses. As our initiative has grown we began to distribute to the general public. Free of charge. ROWW hopes this helps make a difference to those who are staying home, to those who are the most vulnerable, and to those who continue to provide essential services, amongst others. We couldn’t do this without the amazing support from our donors, supporters, volunteers and partners. This initiative was spurred by our partners at Clean 1 and fueled by the manpower of our volunteers. It would not have been possible without the generous contributions from our Official Disaster Relief Partner, Lowe’s.