Kentucky Tornado

December 12 –

Team ROWW deployed a team of firefighters, sawyers, and arborists to Dawson Springs, Kentucky following the devastating tornadoes. The record storm is the largest on record and touched down in multiple states leaving mass destruction. We will be clearing routes for emergency vehicles to gain access and working directly with the community to assess immediate needs and address them so home owners and residents can safely survey the damage to their property. It’s heartbreaking to see the aftermath and we’re hopeful our team will make a huge impact on the people we meet.

December 23 –

Our team successfully cleared over 30 properties of debris. We fell over 100 trees and tarped over 18 roofs that had been damaged and were open to the elements. Our team’s efforts saved those we helped approximately $250,000 in labor, supply, and repair costs.

We want to thank our amazing skilled volunteers for deploying so close to the holidays from all over the US. Our friends at the Sirens Project played a big role with volunteers and labor help as well! As always we get our supplies and equipment from our Disaster Relief Partner, Lowe’s Home Improvement. We are so grateful for their eagerness to give back to their communities and the support they provide us to get the job done with ease and with the right tools!

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Please stay tuned for updates and keep everyone affected in your thoughts! Thank you for your support.