Weather Rebuild Series


New Weather Channel Series FAST: HOME RESCUE follows Reach Out WorldWide as we travel across the US rehabilitating homes destroyed by disasters. We have chosen 12 families whose lives have been devastated by severe weather and natural disasters, and we help them rebuild stronger than before. But, we only have 12 weeks to get it done so each build is allocated just 5 days!

Watch Fast: Home Rescue every Saturday at 8pm ET (5pm & 9pm PT) on The Weather Channel.

“The new series, FAST: HOME RESCUE is at the intersection of extreme weather events and home renovation. This transformative show reveals the destructive nature of tornadoes, fires and floods, while highlighting the powerful recovery stories of each family,” said Byron Allen, Founder/Chairman/CEO of Allen Media Group, parent company of The Weather Channel/Weather Group. “Viewers will experience many emotions during the 1-hour episodes, from heartbreak, to surprise, to heart-warming moments of triumph.”

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