Maui Wildfires

After landing in Oahu, our team immediately set to work. Utilizing our experience with previous wildfire responses in addition to networking with our local resources to find exact and acute needs, we called upon our ongoing partnership with Lowe’s, which allowed us to load up on over $60,000 worth of essential supplies we knew locals would need!  Among the Lowe’s team members were Bobby, the regional manager, and Robert, the store manager who played crucial roles in coordinating the supply load. We were able to transport approximately two 20-yard containers full of requested essential supplies to the people of Maui.

Our ROWW team worked directly with the local authorities in Maui to ensure a smooth process for unloading and distributing supplies. This collaboration was vital, as it helped us bypass some of the typical regulatory hurdles, which expedited our transportation efforts.  Additionally, we were fortunate to receive generous donations from Centered Hawaii donating the logistics and trucking services as well as forklift services from Sunbelt Rental organized by Adam from Opulent Events, to help load and unload our multiple pallets of supplies between the various harbors. Their contributions greatly expedited the loading/unloading process and made it possible for us to handle a large volume of supplies efficiently.

As we began unloading the supplies on the island, we were warmly welcomed by many locals who volunteered their time and efforts to join forces. Their support was invaluable, as they not only assisted in unloading but also in distributing the supplies to those in need among the native population. This collaborative effort between our team and the local community made a significant impact on the relief efforts in Maui.

We will continue to stay up to date with our local contacts for further opportunities to help the community.