Nepal Earthquake 2015


Reach Out WorldWide deployed a team consisting of a doctor, paramedics, EMTs and Search and Rescue specialists to respond to the devastating earthquake that shook Nepal in late April that has left thousands homeless and short of medical supplies, food and clean water. Recent reports put the death toll nearing 8,000 while over 400 people are still missing.

After 24 hours of nonstop travel for our team of nine, Team ROWW arrived in Kathmandu, Nepal. We were met by three additional team members, whom had been scouting on the ground for 48 hours. We immediately took stock of our 34 bags of gear and traveled to our base camp near Bhaktapur Dunbar Square.

Over the course of the next four days, we would travel further and further out to rural villages in Nepal, many that had not yet received any outside assistance. We traveled to Dalhalgoan, Kattike Bhanjyang, Dunbar, and Dhande Sindapalchok. Dhande was the furthest of our reach, with a six hour travel time on the most dangerous road in Nepal. The people of Dhande had been completely cut off from supplies for ten days and Team ROWW was the first response team on site.

The people and stories we encountered on our travels were truly inspirational. In Dhande, we saw a man carry his mother three hours, by foot and without shoes, to our medical clinic for care. Also in Dhande we encountered a baby that was born two days after the earthquake; she was dehydrated but overall healthy. In Kattike Bhanjyang, we found a group of students who had stepped up to distribute water, food, and health information to the local peoples. In Dalhalgoan, we treated over 80 people and donated tents and food supplies. Our relief tents are expected to serve multiple families for years to come. Finally, in Darpur, we saw locals using a plant poultice to heal their cuts and possibly stopped an outbreak of TB. We left supplies at every village, including water purification systems, tarps, food, tents, and bandages.

Overall, we treated over 400 cases in 96 hours. We learned a bit of Nepali and ate local cuisine. We learned that the Nepali people are a very friendly, giving people, with a bright vibrant culture. We are truly blessed to have been a part of their lives during this event and are honored to have offered our assistance. The Nepalese are a strong people, best remembered for their bravery in the face of a daunting challenge. They forever hold a place in our hearts and memories.

Photos and narration by Cammie Cooley.