Australia Bushfires 2020

Reach Out WorldWide deployed a team of 6 firefighters, EMTs and paramedics to Australia for 9 days to support relief efforts in response to the catastrophic bush fires that killed 34 people and a staggering 1 billion animals, destroyed over 3500 homes, and scorched over 46 million acres. As with many ROWW deployments, our initial mission was fluid. We had supplies and personnel to be flexible and respond to various missions: animal rescue, preventative brush clearing, supply distribution, tree falling, etc.

After two days of assisting with logistics, supply distribution, and tree falling, our team joined Wild2Free animal sanctuary in Runnyford, Australia to help construct kangaroo and wallaby shelters to house animals displaced with the fire tore through Mogo State Forest on New Years Eve. We purchased the building materials and tools needed to construct all six of the shelters and contributed extra feed to support the surviving animals that had lost the majority of their food source to the fires. “I have no words sufficient enough to thank the disaster response team from Reach Out WorldWide. Day 3 and they have almost finished building safe areas for the Roos near the house and in the paddocks. This amazing team has respected every request and have just been incredible. Their incredible work here will contribute greatly to the welfare of the wildlife here long term. Thank you so much”  Rae Harvey Wild2Free Animal Sanctuary.